Mommie’s Best French Fries Everrr !!!


I have been trying repeatedly to make my mom’s fries and could never get it right… they seriously are the best fries I have ever tasted in my life!!! My mom’s that is, this recipe is as close as I could get it to taste like my mom’s.  Even when trying to make it how she explained, it still does not taste the same. I must watch her like a hawk the next time she makes these fries! If I could eat one dish forever, it would be my mom’s fries. So so so very yummy !

– Potatoes (Any kind will do, but mommie says the yellow one is best for fries)
– Cooking oil
– Chopsticks
– Draining basket
– Pot

So I peeled all the potatoes… I do at least 6 because they’re just so darn good and I ate all 6 by myself because I was in the mood to be fat and I loved every bite! Wish I made more lol I just cut them in fry shape it doesn’t matter if they are different sizes 🙂


Beautifulllll lovely french fries ! I wash them and let the AIR DRY for at least one hour! All the “recipes” for fries say you need to put them in water, but I’ve tried it that way and the fries just don’t taste as good so I’ll stick my mommie’s recipe! 😀


When you touch the potato pieces and they feel dry then its time to cook them! You fill the pot with oil and wait for it get hot. I stick a fry in and when there is bubbles that means its ready to put the potatoes in. I use heat 5 and fill the pot with as much potatoes I can where the oil will cover. I crowd them as much as possible and when I see all sorts of sizzling bubbles over the top then I lower it down to heat 3. I leave them in there for a good while … I’m guessing like 10 minutes. (I will time the next time making these when I have perfected these babies & post for you all) I leave them in there until they feel all soggy & mushy that is very important! So mushy that when you stick your chopsticks in there to mix them that some of them will break!

Do not worry if some break or start to look jacked up, they will just taste super crunchy when done!

I stir them in the halfway mark… you want to just let them sit there for a while before you stir. When it passes the soggy stage, it will start to get crisp on the edge… then I increase to heat 5 and when I can feel how crunchy it is with my chopstick then I take these guys out


Ta daaa !!! If you look at the one in front it looks all crispy because it almost broke while I was stirring! These fries are too good! Let me know if any of you try this recipe 🙂 I love these fries so much I had to share it to the world! Thank you mommie !!!

I dedicate this post to my mom! The best mom in the world a girl could ever ask for… I love you mom and all your amazing recipes ♡ too lucky to get a mom like minesss ♡


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